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The Huns look a bit worrisome at the moment. Finland now borders their capital due to recent conquests, and most of their army seems to be between Verkhoturye and Chimgi-Tura. Again, we see the “Put Great Merchants on the front lines” strategy, this time being used by the Sibir. Maybe it’s a political movement! A worldwide occasion! Bring your Merchant to War Day!

I do think the Huns may be able to snag Verkhoturye if they manage to keep their Battering Ram alive, but at what cost? Time will tell. I’m not very good at discerning the outcome of war.

Also, we have a view of the Sibir unique unit, the Tartar! This is a ranged Knight, similar to the Keshik or Camel Archer, which ignores terrain cost and has a combat bonus in rough terrain, such as, say, the forests of Northern Chimgi-Tura? I take back what I said about the Huns’ chances in Sibir; they’re in for a rough time.

This Hawaiian composite bowman has found a nice little spot to rest his feet just east of Novosibirsk, and I see he’s brought a spearman cohort. War never changes.