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Ayyubids in Jerusalem! Ayyubids in Jerusalem! And I see they brought a Prophet with them! Heresy!

That sounded like a song. I should make that a song.

Anyway, the Mamluks knock on David’s front door. Maybe they won’t stuff it up this time. To the side, pikemen approach the undefended city of Bethlehem…

Anyway, this picture is actually relevant because it gives me time to discuss the two unique units we’re faced with today!

Saladin’s Mamluks do some Religious things, but combat-wise they’re knights with no terrain penalties in desert and no city penalties! Definitely a foe to be feared by Israe- wait a minute, the Ayyubid ability would convert Jerusalem to Islam as soon as it was conquered! And they brought Prophets anyway? Well, maybe this was just a badass conversion mission. Good job ruining the fun, Sally.

I don’t recall the Maccabees being discussed, so if they have I apologise. Basically they’re swordsmen which receive an additional flanking bonus when attacking and Faith for kills. Also about one of them is actually flanking at the moment.

The Armenian unique unit, a Great General replacement, is also in the top corner, but this is already a fairly uninteresting narrative so far. You know what’s funny? Jokes.