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Trebizond may have been undefended originally, but in the time it took Armenia to mobilise Spartan soldiers have begun to appear like spiders in a wardrobe. Spiders that slowly become visible until they’re right on top of you, and then they stab into your eyeballs… In other words, the conquest of Trebizond will no longer be a cake walk, unless the cake in question is filled with spiders.

TPang's note: As senshi and I both hail from the land down under, we can safely say that this has happened to us far too many times.

Senshi's note: I'll drink to that.

TPang's note: We're Australians, we'll drink to anything.

Senshi's note: Fair point. Go get the beer out of the ute, will ya?

Nicomedia has been taken down to yellow, but it appears that the Ayyubids are standing up for themselves, sending triremes to knock on – or rather, knock down – the doors of Varna. Armenia may have made a decent decision at the time, but the time is no longer now. Because, you know, time usually progresses.