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And Cumae falls! I doubt the Roman troops are going to reclaim it either, considering they’re busy being dominated by a single French archer. Ravenna may be slightly harder to conquer, but Spartan Pikemen are already marching on Rome! The Romans don’t have much they can do at the moment, except pray… Pray, not for military might, considering the Spartans follow the same religious system, but rather pray that Leonidas gets bored and goes off to kill someone else.

While we’re here, let’s take a look at northern Europe. For once, Germany seems decently defended, with pikemen on both the Eastern and Western fronts, and, yes, Berlin is Jewish now. Honestly it makes the whole Nazi deal more depressing, but if reddit finds it funny, who am I to disagree? Oh, yeah, I’m the narrator.

France is a focal point here. Note how the French are attempting to participate in Bring your Merchant to War Day long after the war has died down. You may think this symbolises a clinging on to past battles, but it may represent plans to attack Germany in the near future. Look at France’s army for a second. Plenty of pikemen, and some warriors. Now, that may be the sign of a lack of technology, or it could be the sign of a lack of iron. Perhaps the age of the French was not the age of steel, but rather the age of… a different resource. The only way to discover the truth is to move forward. The lack of composite bowmen is shameful, though. Even ROME has composite bowmen.

Remember Portugal, the boat guy? Well, I hope you like this picture of Funchal because 'Be Close to Rome' is the most they've achieved in this part. They're probably still waiting for the 'Fucks I Give' wheel to stop.