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Carthage has earned itself a Shopet, a Great General replacement which heals units upon a kill and damages nearby cities! More notably, his troops can now cross mountains if they couldn’t before! Watch out, Tibet.

Ethiopia, in what could be the ballsiest move in the game so far, sends a settler undefended through territory he’s at war with. Also note that the city being attacked is called “Dire Dawa”. Being a defeatist won’t help you, Selassie!

Bring your Merchant to War Day is apparently being honoured by the Ayyubids as well, as an undefended one approaches both the Carthaginian and Ethiopian borders.

Finally, England is friends with Hitler. This is an optimal time for political satire (“Bavid Bameron, the Queen’s new advisor, is an avid supporter of…”), but such a thing may be uncouth.