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Remember when people thought Morocco was on the rise? Yeah, about that…

Morocco is tied with Rome and Byzantium for the least amount of technologies, a disgrace in itself, but he’s also signed himself up for a suicidal war against the Kongo. Good luck there, matey.

The Zulus may be low, but they have the Impi now, so they’re not too worried. If they ever do cripple the Boers, it’ll be now or never.

Finally, this is Portugal’s second appearance in the episode. Good job staying relevant, Maria.

With that said, that is the end of Part 12! I hope you've enjoyed yourself! I\u2019m /u/senshidenshi, and I'd just like to say, to all of you who read through my narration, I\u2019m so, so sorry. Join us for part 13 and good night!