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Tibet, finally prepared to found a Religion, realizes Buddhism was taken by the Burmese only 2 turns before. \"Well, screw Burma\", the Dalai Lama proclaims. \"We'll make our own Buddhism, with yak and hookers!\" Lhasa is now strangely the holy city of Akatt-u, which is apparently the religion of the Indus River Valley civilization. More notably, it is also the very first religion listed in alphabetical order. Regardless, this is an exciting development for Tibet fans, as their Unique Ability and Unique Building revolve around founding and spreading a religion.

UA: Dharma Kings

Mountain Tiles yield +1 Food and +1 Faith, increasing to +2 Food, +2 Faith in cities that follow your religion. Cities following your religion generate +10% more Religious Pressure.

UB: Chorten (Temple)

Religious Followers and Mountains worked by the city the Chorten is built in and Great Works stored within the Chorten generate points that work towards upgrading the Chorten, eventually allowing it to provide greater yields.

Also, Akbar, not one to stop chasing his dreams, defiantly plops his settler 2 tiles south of Gyantse.