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Leonidas, marching north with his hoplites, reads a copy of How to Fight Wars Good and gets really super inspired. He decides the surest path to victory in his many-fronted war is not concentrating on Cumae first to secure his supply, but simply committing 100% to ass-kicking everyone everywhere all at once. He shares this new strategy with his generals who seem so impressed with its brilliance they are left speechless.

Leonidas’s son, Leonidas the younger, knows this is folly yet says nothing. What can he say? He can never admit to his father that he scotched his own daring assault on Cumae because he was so moved by a polish soldier’s love of a simple, beautiful flower. These are feelings no Spartan should ever feel, let alone reveal...

Of Note: The Portuguese have settled the island of Corsica and Byzantium seems to be finally building a navy.