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President Juárez sends carrier parrot after carrier parrot to General Santa Ana on the ramparts around Austin pleading, “why, now that Operation Phagocytosis seems to be in place, have your archers ceased fire?” Santa Ana finally responds: “The book I told you about is a revelation. I have a new plan. Do not worry. You will see results!”

President Lincoln receives yet another briefing from CIC Westmoreland: “Well, this is embarrassing. I know it looks as though Baltimore is in in danger of falling to, like, 50 Texans with clubs, but I promise you, whatever the optics, thanks to the lessons I have learned from this incredible Chinese book, we are in total control of the situation.”

Lincoln makes emergency arrangements to travel to Baltimore and asks his cabinet to suggest replacements for Westmoreland.

Of Note: That Irish scout is totally trapped in a forest in Mississippi!