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Both spies were consummate professionals and had worked well together over the last year, quietly coordinating their respective nation’s joint sneak attack on Texas.

They’d come to look forward to their clandestine, far-flung meetings. They’d grown to be men of the world together and, surprisingly, they’d grown to be friends; although both were too seasoned to openly admit such a thing was truly possible.

Now they had to meet again; this time under a cloud of failure and confusion that both nations sought to blame the other for. Paradoxically, they both dreaded this meeting and looked forward to it with great anticipation.

When Ramon suggested the barren outskirts of Auyuittiq for their meeting, Paul didn’t even have to look at his ravishing limited edition folio by famed cartographer SylonL. “I know where we can get some passable churros near Auyuittiq,” Paul responded. He knew Ramon would like that. Maybe that would help.

Of Note: The Sioux continue to wall off Hudson Bay.