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The Ethiopian spy spoke patiently but insistently to the Zulu warrior, “Yes, at first glance I grant you that Nobamba does looks like a dagger pointed at Kruger’s heart. But your blade is dull and Kruger is slowly assembling a derringer. You Zulus have bravely spread your army around the Boers to surround them, but Kruger seems unfazed. For him, it just simplifies the problem. He won’t have to hunt for Zulu targets.”

He knew he had offended his proud guests, but he also knew he had their attention. “The more Kruger obsesses over eradicating you, the more he neglects his far-flung northern settlements that stick in the craws of both my Emperor and his majesty the king of the Kongo. A tripartite pact between you, our people and the Kongolese could work to all our benefit. We only ask that you consider this.”

Of Note: Looks like the Boers are going for Madagascar.