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Leonidas the younger could talk to Hitler. Hitler was a lot like Leonidas the younger’s father and he knew just what to say to get Hitler to propose peace – to do it in a way where everyone saves face and neither finds himself looking down the business end of a coup. He also managed to get Hitler to make peace with Sweden as part of the deal.

At first he told himself he had thrown in this last provision of the peace accord as a lark – to see how far he could push Hitler. But deep down he know he just couldn’t stand to see any more useless bloodshed. He was afraid of what he was allowing himself to become.

Days later, when he told his wife in private about what he’d done for the people of Sweden, she looked at him like she didn’t know him – like she never knew him. “A Spartan that makes peace. Who is this I married?” she hissed. He was very glad he never told her about the flower.

Of Note: Siberian CF coming!