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Part 65: Part Deux

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    Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen to the r/Civ/ Battle Royal part 65! I’m your narrator last- minute, first time narrator Whitefang131, and this right here is the cylinder. It’s a very nice cylinder, our cylinder, which has been depicted by /u/Cadellinman.

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    And this is a map depicting the current state of the cylinder at the end of the last part, created by /u/LacsiraxAriscal and /u/Malssistra, and what an exciting and unexpected part that was! So many wars, so much blood to be spilled in the upcoming part.

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    A single slide from the Power Rankings of the last part! Not particularly surprising is the leader of the rankings at the moment; the Boers, who reclaimed first place from the Inuit. Check out the full list here - https://imgur.com/a/zpEvJ/layout/horizontal/#0

  4. 04.jpg

    Brought to you by /u/Sittingonchairs1 is a current analysis of the wars currently going on, and who is fighting who. I’ll probably be referring back to this because of how many wars there are right now! (and how glad I am for that)

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    We kick off the part with a bit of Mexican brutalizing, as the Buccaneers sweep through Central America, once the Mexican reinforcements near Austin have been taken care of, Laredo will most likely remain in Henry Morgan’s hands, but I predict that Guadalaraja will flip some more, since it’s much easier for Mexican forces to reach due to their railroad leading to the city. Also note the small detachment of the Wobbegong Armada sent to aggravate Waipahu, originally a Polynesian city, before it was basically slaughtered, but here we see it has regained some of it’s population, but for how long?

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    Oh this hurts my Spartan sole, seeing the Boers blitz the Mediterranean, taking the Italian cities which were taken by Leonidas so long ago. The Spartan naval carpet is all but gone in this area of the fighting, and the Boers are making significant gains, while Rome falls again to Ingolfur (Iceland). While Leonidas could flip Manitnea back, he won’t hold it, and all other cities in the area will almost definitely remain in Kruger’s hands (Excluding Rome).

  7. 07.jpg

    Meanwhile, Mexico is dropping bombs all over Blackfoot cities, and has pushed Paratroopers into the Blackfoot core. Ahahpitape looks like it’s got a few flips left in it, but A`aninn looks like it will stay in Benito’s (Mexico) hands.

  8. 08.jpg

    A massive counterstrike of Global Offence has struck Henry Morgan right in the face, and Benito takes back Guadalaraja and drops a threatening amount of units in the area, Henry will suffer large losses taking back Guadalaraja, if he does.

  9. 09.jpg

    Australian Japan has suffered greatly, and all cities are heavily damaged, fallout remains near Wakayama after a cheeky nuke was dropped on it. In comparison to the Australian core, this area looks very half empty. Or half full.

  10. 10.jpg

    Yakutia, realising their mistake in invoking the Wrath of Japan, peace out and pray for forgiveness. And in the theatre of the Khanflict, Trigger Darkhan (Yakutia) and Sejong (Korea) are seriously throwing down, with both sides have extensively damaged cities near each other’s borders. But Sejong has the numbers to push, which he should take advantage of, if he wants to become a serious power.

  11. 11.jpg

    Haile Salassie (Ethiopia) declares war on Genghis Khan (Mongolia). Previously Ethiopia was home to the travelling Mongolian Prophet. Sadly, his whereabouts are unkown. Would you look at that carpet though! The size of it is enough to make Kruger struggle with pushing through, if he ever decides to declare war. Meanwhile, David (Israel) sits with Haile in pure fear as he is housing more Ethiopian soldiers than his actual people.

  12. 12.jpg

    The Spartans whittle down Yerevan and have Artashat firmly in their grasp, but they’re looking quite thin, their wars in the west must be wearing down on them very, very hard. Also of note is how Vietnam has already incorporated Persia into their empire with vicious efficiency.

  13. 13.jpg

    As if he hasn’t got enough troubles right now, Semiramis reports that Gustuavus (Sweden) is plotting against Leonidas. If they decide to go to war as well, it could spell the end of Sparta very quickly. It should be noted that due to Kruger (Boers) taking Mantinea, Sparta and Iceland no longer share a border. Unfortunately they still share a border with Kruger, who has decided to be thorough with his invasion thus far.

  14. 14.jpg

    Tygyn, being the kind hearted man he is, has decided to continue to allow Brazilian soldiers holiday throughout his lands. He has not learned. However Finnish peacekeepers are his saving grace currently, preventing Sibir forces from gaining access to Yakutian lands and flipping Amga, which is very low on health. In the west, Yakutia and Finland beat up on Mongolia, likely while Kekkonen and Tygyn laugh and reminisce about the good times when they first attacked Genghis.

  15. 15.jpg

    In the south Tiflus is likely to fall to either Genghis or Sejong, as it is very low on health and both have units in the area. Boer peacekeepers stare into the sight of the battles, infuriated that they can only keep the peace in Genghis’ lands.

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    More carnage, more destruction, it’s amazing. Parkes looks like he might be getting a little liberal with his nukes, and for that we love him dearly. But for all his efforts it looks as if Cebu will fall, only a paratrooper guards it from a Vietnamese horde.

  17. 17.jpg

    Boy he did it. He really did it. Parkes nuked Hanoi the crazy bastard. Buddhist monks are infuriated because it killed all the good trees that they used to sit under. The Trungs (Vietnam) have a settler out and about in preparation for when one of their cities gets nuked off the face of the cylinder.

  18. 18.jpg

    The Trungs push on Australian Sri Lanka and take several cities, all of which are unlikely to flip back, due to the lack of Australian reinforcements. An Inuit scout enjoys the bloodshed from just outside Colombo, as he sweats vigorously in the heat.

  19. 19.jpg

    Boer and Icelandic units land on Greece, and it looks as if Ingolfur’s paratrooper might flip Sparta, while Kruger surrounds Messene with XCOM soldiers.

  20. 20.jpg

    … Wow. Kekkonen (Finland) decides he wants to finish what he started, and alongside Sri Lanka and Sibir, dives for Leonidas’ neck to kill him before the Boers or Ingolfur does. And with all those paratroopers, Kekkonen might do some very serious damage in the eastern half of Sparta.

  21. 21.jpg

    Three civilizations divide Greece equally between them, as Leonidas Greek splits right out of there. Kekkonen has also taken Trebizond with great speed. This looks to be the end for Leonidas now.

  22. 22.jpg

    As soon as Kekkonen joined this battle, the eastern half of the Spartan Empire (Rather the core of it now) was massively damaged, and Varna was ripped from Leonidas. Leonidas has only a handful of units left, whereas Kekkonen has an entire carpet of paratroopers within range of Leonidas’ lands.

  23. 23.jpg

    The Trungs push again on Australian Sri Lanka, still not Australian reinforcements in sight.

  24. 24.jpg

    Sejong has made considerable gains, taking Tiflis, Tyokhtyur, Ambarchik, and the Yakutian capital of Jokusai. Tygyn seems to have contracted a virus called Mithridatesism, and his civilians now outnumber his combat units in this slide.

  25. 25.jpg

    Kekkonen continues to carve up Mongolia, and looks like he intends to take Kazan. Sibir still hasn’t broken through into Yakutian lands to take Amga.

  26. 26.jpg

    Back in the other major theatre of war, Benito makes a significant push against Henry Morgan, and it looks like I might eat my earlier words, as he looks as if he could take Laredo. Meanwhile the other Henry (Australia) takes both Merida and Waipahu, though he hasn’t reinforced them as of yet.

  27. 27.jpg

    Chile takes back their capital! I honestly didn’t see this coming. Henry Parkes seems to have given up on his second war with Chile, most likely to either focus on Mexico or Vietnam. But in any case, it’s highly likely Pedro (Brazil) will take over Santiago de Chile again.

  28. 28.jpg

    Meanwhile in Pirate Portugal, where land units are an option, not necessary, Henry Morgan plans to beat a dead horse with the ribs it’s already lost from everyone else kicking the hell out of it, and plots against Leonidas. But since he now has to go though both Icelandic and Boer territory to reach Sparta, it’s doubtful he’d do anything useful even if he did declare war.

  29. 29.jpg

    After losing his capital, as well as two others, Leonidas peaces out with Kruger and Ingolfur. However, in a rage fueled by steroids and pre-workout drinks, Leonidas and his men take back Eus, Trebizond and Varna from Kekkonen. It’s almost as if Kekkonen joining the war woke something up in Leonidas, an age old fury and lust for revenge.

  30. 30.jpg

    Tygyn takes back Jokusai, but he’s looking very thin right now, he needs to make a peace deal or he could lose even more.

  31. 31.jpg

    Nestled between the Trungs very comfortably is Tibet, and look how cute they are, making their very own peace deals with Persia, lil cuties.

  32. 32.jpg

    As the hot potato that is Jokuskai gets thrown again, Sejong catches it, and looking at how few units Tygyn has left, it looks like it’s likely to stay Korean. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

  33. 33.jpg

    These crazy Chileans. In a peace deal with Henry Parkes, who was leaving them alone, Chile gives them a city, a city with a lot of land area.

  34. 34.jpg

    BOY HE DID IT. THE LONE RANGER HAS STOOD UP TO THE MEXICAN TYRANT AND WILL LAY THE SMACKDOWN! In all seriousness, Texas actually has a chance to gain here, if the Buccaneers manage to push back and weaken the surrounding cities, otherwise, this is a suicide. Speaking of the Buccaneers, they’ve lost Laredo, and I am currently in the process of eating my words. Also worth noting the the "use Nuke" bias for the Texans is abnormally high.

  35. 35.jpg

    Crowfoot is looking a bit on the thin side these days, as Benito starts to damage his core, and gaps are widening within his own ranks. Aamsskaapipikani looks to flip to Mexican paratroopers.

  36. 36.jpg

    Well the hate driven fury didn’t last long, and Leonidas loses all the cities he took back, as well as Tigranocerta, while Nicomedia looks likely to fall. Over in the east, Gyumbri looks like it’s going to fall to Sibir, who has two paratroopers next to the very low health city.

  37. 37.jpg

    Nevermind it’s not Gyumbri that was going to fall to Kuchum (Sibir), it was in fact Artashat, but most likely followed by Gyumbri.

  38. 38.jpg

    All Australian cities on India have been taken by Vietnam, but two valiant great generals remain, to die a horrible death. The loss of this area must be due in part to the airplanes stored on the many carries Vietnam has in the area.

  39. 39.jpg

    Koreans have Giant Death Robots! Their tech truly is skyrocketing, and is only going to increase after this war with Yakutia. Speaking of Yakutia, and age old rivalry flares up again as the Inuit take Isit, and aside from an all but dead, embarked modern armour, Tygyn has no nearby melee units to take it back.

  40. 40.jpg

    Korea continues to push Mongolia, and takes Shanghai, while pushing towards Tabriz from the south and east. But the real news here is that the Finnish paratruupers just got an upgrade! Now armed with XCOM squads, bordergore will spread far and wide. This also spells very bad news for Sparta.

  41. 41.jpg

    And so Korea takes Tabriz, and their push loses no speed as they continue forward to either Beshbalik or Dalandzadgad, both very low health cities. Boer peacekeepers look on in shock as so many die despite their best efforts.

  42. 42.jpg

    Another showing of the Giant Death Robot. Also something I should have pointed out, Finnish units are outnumbering Yakutian by a massive amount, as I believe most of Darkhan’s units are in the west of his empire.

  43. 43.jpg

    Texas takes Laredo! Buccaneer forces must have weakened Mexico enough for Texas to have slipped in and…. Good god. Texas is housing an atomic bomb. He’s going to do it.

  44. 44.jpg

    He did it. Texas just nuked Mexico. It’s a beautiful thing, to see a rump state declare war on a much more powerful neighbour and then nuke them. Godspeed Texas, godspeed.

  45. 45.jpg

    The devastation of the nuke will be felt for a while now by Mexico, and I’m sure Texas will be punished for this at some point. Meanwhile, to the north, Mexico has taken Aamsskaapipikani.

  46. 46.jpg

    Outrage in the Inuit lands as seals are banned by the world. From aboard a dilapidated Destroyer Lester (Canada) has voted 7 times just to bring down the Inuit. For all the good it will do.

  47. 47.jpg

    Well, shows what I know, Gyumri didn’t fall to Sibir, instead to Finland. Nicomedia was also taken, and Epidauros looks to follow suite. Spartan forces are very scarce now, and it looks like from now on it could be a Finnish steamroll with their new XCOMs.

  48. 48.jpg

    Most of the fallout around Hanoi has been cleared out, the same cannot be said for Australian Japan.

  49. 49.jpg

    Leonidas will not die without a fight. In another rush he takes back Trebizond from Kekkonen. Sparta has fought very stubbornly in their dogpile war, despite the odds, but now it’s looking close to the end.

  50. 50.jpg

    Despite his numerical and technological inferiority, Tygyn Darkhan takes Jokusai and Tiflis from Korea, and no doubt the Finnish owned Turfan is making it very hard for Sejong to push forward, instead either having to paradrop over or go around.

  51. 51.jpg

    Stealth bombers abound in Khoro, Finland will undoubtedly put these to good use, and along with their XCOMs, they could very well take more cities during the Khanflict.

  52. 53.jpg

    And so Sejong’s involvement in the Khanflict comes to an end, as a peace deal is struck between him and Tygyn, who has kept his capital city, but lost Tiflis and Ytyk-Kyyuyol since we last saw this area. Sejong has done extremely well recently and this could be a way for him to achieve a great amount of power, assuming all this warmongering hasn’t pissed off the Trungs.

  53. 54.jpg

    Now that they are unbothered by Sejong, the horselords can throw down, mono e mono (Aside from Sibir but they haven’t done anything on account of Finnish peacekeepers.) However, both sides are extremely tired from the fighting with Korea, especially Yakutia, who still has less land units than civilians. However it seems like the fighting will need to funnel through the two land tiles connecting Khonuu to Hsia and Almarikh.

  54. 55.jpg

    You’re late, Gus. This would have been much more timely back when Sparta was still in Sparta. Well, Kekkonen has made further gains against Sparta, taking Epidauros and Hebron, as well as taking back Trebizond.

  55. 56.jpg

    Parkes declares war against Kekkonen, you may think this to be irrelevant. But it isn’t. Sorta. They’ve both got units in Icelandic France, so there will be fighting there. To absolutely no end whatsoever.

  56. 57.jpg

    Well Parkes got as good as he gave, possibly more, as he takes even more nukes from the Trungs, that entire area will be at risk if it’s not reinforced.

  57. 58.jpg

    A Persian Privateer sails meekly past ships of aluminum, in a land far from home. The captain sighed a heavy sigh, and cursed to the gods again that he was a man with no home.

  58. 59.jpg

    A Texan musician plays the most inspiring battle songs Texas has ever heard, and the sons of Austin charge towards Mexico, emboldened by their nuking.

  59. 60.jpg

    Somehow. Somehow Brazil hasn’t managed to take a single city from Chile this part. How? Pedro, you are a massive, technologically advanced, time proven enemy of Chile. Come on mate! Do something! Anything!

  60. 61.jpg

    As Cebu is surrounded by Vietnamese troops, Iloilo falls to the Trungs, this is rather surprising, due to Parkes’ lead in production, he should have the upper hand by now, but he hasn’t made any significant gains in this war, in fact he’s done the opposite. Meanwhile, the Vietnamese showcase their power armour infantry, further demonstrating their power.

  61. 62.jpg

    See? Look at this! Parkes, send it up, we want blood! Spies also report that Parkes is launching a sneak naval attack, so maybe he might actually push against the Trungs sometime soon. Maybe.

  62. 63.jpg

    But speaking of sneak attacks, look at all of these. Henry Morgan plans to attack Immortal Chairman Mao, a battle he cannot win. But looking at Semiramis’ report earlier in the part, maybe the spies are lying out of their teeth about sneak attacks and whatnot for once.

  63. 64.jpg

    And so we come to the infoaddict slides, beginning with Paul Kruger the Terrible of the Boers, who is coming first in most things, including military. This shows just how much this war has taken out of Vietnam and Australia, who both previously were beating Kruger in manpower.

  64. 65.jpg

    The population gap between Parkes and Kruger is stunning, 450 million population! And Parkes is second place in population, there’s no question as to how Kruger is getting all that science!

  65. 66.jpg

    Looking between the Trung’s info and Parkes’, you’d assume their war would be quite easy for Parkes, but it really hasn’t been, strange given the production and science gap between the two.

  66. 67.jpg

    The Inuit edge out ahead of Australia by two cities to take top spot on the cities list. If Ekeuhnick really wanted to, he could have taken the rest of North America by now, with his technology, production and city count. But unfortunately, he just isn’t willing to spill the blood required.

  67. 68.jpg

    And so we come to Kuchum Khan of Sibir, currently in third place with military manpower, Kuchum has a good opportunity right now to attack Vietnam or Mongolia, if he capitalizes, he could become a massive threat in the game.

  68. 69.jpg

    Next is Captain Kekkonen of Finland, who has performed very well this part, absolutely destroying the Middle-Eastern portion of Sparta. Given his city count, he’s been keeping pace with titans like Vietnam and Sibir, which is impressive in and of itself.

  69. 70.jpg

    Next is Henry Morgan, another man with some opportunities presented to him. He could try to damage Brazil, who are being so magnificently quiet recently, or he could even attack Parkes, if he so dares.

  70. 71.jpg

    We come to Master Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden, who has performed well this game, coming up very quickly to become a large power in Europe, enough to challenge previously established superpowers Finland and Iceland.

  71. 72.jpg

    Speaking of Iceland we have Ingolfur Arnarson of Iceland, who really doesn’t have many opportunities currently, aside from attacking Henry Morgan and possibly gaining Iberia and Morocco. Ingolfur has performed very well in my own opinion, coming from a rock of ice and a small island, he conquered Ireland and the UK before bltizing France, and now he has a small chunk of the Mediterranean .

  72. 73.jpg

    Sejong the Terrible is up next, Sejong has done well recently, declaring on two week neighbours, his only fault is not continuing these wars when he really had the potential to do so. That said, with their new cities, Korea’s science could rocket up, which presents it’s own set of opportunities.

  73. 74.jpg

    Here we have the Religion slide, and the hardcore followers of the Ayyyyyyubid Party Pope are still around. Catholicism is still the largest religion around, with 50 more cities than Judaism and about 400 more followers too.

  74. 75.jpg

    France may be dead, but as the community said, the spirit of the French lives on in this religion map. Sorta.

  75. 76.jpg

    And finally here is the Club of Losers, created by /u/Jru247. I’ve been Whitefang131, your narrator for the /r/Civ Battle Royale part 56! Take care all! See you next Sunday!