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Briefly revealed by careful detective work for those in the know (r/soylentbuffalo shoutout!) in installment 6, here we have a look at two Blackfoot cities in the Aleutian chain.

I'm the biggest Blackfoot guy around, and even I am not going to feel obliged to memorize the names of these two, for now. So neither should you!

Rather than antagonize his Inuit allies-of-convenience, Lord Crowfoot has opted for distance and fishing assets, the better to feed a burgeoning population. With Crowfoot's propensity for defense, these cities will be well fortified. Unfortunately, their utility as naval batteries is undermined by the fact that they don't truly lie athwart the Inuit path out of the Bering and down the Alaskan coast. And as one Inuit settler looks to be headed for the island that would have served that purpose very well indeed, another up in the Arctic could either lock down the rest of Alaska's lame hinterlands or make straight for Siberia.