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Two turns ago, Saladin bribed Osei Tutu II, king of the Ashanti, into his war against Carthage. Because when you've decided to war on three fronts, you want allies! That's just good doctrine. Well here we see Ashanti not exactly stirring themselves into trans-Saharan action. Ejura (held by Ashanti) is the only city in play here, and the real question is: will Hannibal prioritize capturing it, or defending against Saladin? Saladin seems like the bigger threat, but Carthage has grudges with Ashanti, for sure.

Also, re: the Ashanti... don't get too excited about that carpet of their UU, the Drumroll Warrior. They're just under-strength spearmen. I'd rather have an army of Doof Warriors. Then you'd hear some drumming.

In the wings: Mali looks almost comically irrelevant; the most interesting thing happening on this slide frankly is the declaration of friendship between Ethiopia and Kongo. For what it's worth, Kongo's leader appears far more deceptive than Haile. Sooner or later we'll find out who's zooming who.