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Three turns after flipping back to Hitler, Koln (Cologne) is still part of der Tausendjahriges Reich. Hey, Adolf, you really did make it to a thousand years! Meanwhile, poor four-city Germany is set to instantly double that total... if only they could find some Lebensraum. Down in the bunker, Hitler curses the fool who made Europe so overcrowded. France doesn't exactly have the look of a steamrolling invading force here, though. I think Adolf is going to hang on a while; he had been my tip for first out. Now you would have to like the Bee-Zees for first casualty.

I also want to note: accidentally or not, the Jerrys have their city defense doctrine pretty good here; array archers behind cities to shoot incoming forces; there's even a great general who might help if he got just a liiiiiitle bit closer to the front. And on the eastern front, Poland appears to be getting a little too frisky with the catapults; we'll soon find out what wave comes next.

Oh hai, its Sweden! Not much to see, except a Baltic Sea not clogged with units on every square. I'd wave goodbye to open seas if I were a Swede / Finn / Pole.