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Now Josef Stalin didn't skip the Lebesnraum class at dictator school; that's how you settle three cities. Three gloriously awful, irrelevant cities... unless there is some pressing future need to prevent navies from transiting from the Pacific to the Atlantic via the Eurasian arctic? What's that you say, Yakutia is the biggest threat in the game? Hmm. Someday the Allies may be shipping Stalin surplus military hardware to outfit the dour defendes of Krasnodar and Gorkiy.

In other news: Ethiopia has friends in the far east. And in other, ghostlier news: Portugal has denounced Saladin. Now that's a potential conflict I could get behind; Portugal might be the best-suited country to boss around the waves of the Mediterranean.

Life must be unspeakable awful in Krasnodar and Vladivostok, so let's not gawk.