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Well, well, well. One explanation for some of the Sioux sloppiness in their war with, well, everybody: they were cranking out Petra in Wahpekute! And got it! A sucker-punch for Arabia, Ayyubids, and the other civs that could have put it to better (frankly, much better) use... but hay! BRmkI veterans will remember Sitting Bull as one of the first to carpet the world with archaeologists so maybe he's just lining up Petra for that big culture bonus? Beeline for Archaeology, yes please!

Anyhow... we digress. You are all interested in whether Benito has on his fighting trousers this time around. The answer is: are you fucking joking? The swarm around Veracruz could pluck that Petra right quick and instead they are ... what? I can't say. Meanwhile a totally insufficient force has been sent toward Sissiton.

Substantially complicating matters in favor of Sisseton's defense is the enclave of Texian land inside Sioux territory. Well, in favor of Sisseton's defense until it's Texas invading. Patience! Sam Houston has a lot of strength to rebuild.

Now, Compound archers vs. regular archers is a pretty decisive advantage in this era, and Mexico's on the right side of the divide... but Mexico is... I'd make that shrug emoji but it's easier to just type words, dripping with sweet, sweet scorn.

Up north: yeah, Blackfoot is not losing Mdewakantonwan.

(btw for music and/or steampunk (and/or Rap Battle) fans: www.youtube.com/watch?v=0iR... for Fighting Trousers, the pinnacle of the chap-hop movement. ITS A THING, OKAY?)