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South America exists! At least, the part where Morgan has a size-three colony in the Venezuelan highlands. For an island-based civilization, you would say the Buccaneers are going against ARRRRRRchetype. Well, that's my joke.

Though they are not quite in the frame, the absence of Inca here speaks volumes as to their AWOLism; how were they not here already? Meanwhile, Parana is growing nicely and will make a tasty plum for the Buccaneers or, possibly, Pedro. Even if Eva Peron isn't quite the patsy this game she was in BRmk1, surely holding Parana is beyond her.

Strategy aside: Some thoughts on Morgan's game: The Bucs are one of the more interesting elements of the BR, as they could have gone any direction. Basically I think they've hit every note right, save for leaving open the possibility of someone plonking down a final colony in their Caribbean backyard. Their foothold in Florida is in the backyard of the sick man of the Americas -- uh, America -- and their beating of Maya to the Panamanian spot makes Nassau virtually impregnible, while Petit Goave also is too defensible for America to crack. This leaves them focusing on naval dominance (check) and colonizing in South America. Now Morgan just needs more food, more pop, more science. Oh, and take Parana!