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With his focus clearly on defending Shiasapa and Itazipcho from Canada and well aware of Mexico's track record of incompetence, Sitting Bull wrangles a pax bisonus out of Crowfoot, who in all honesty looks like he could do with a bit of rebuilding and consolidation at the moment. Yes, the Blackfoot tribe might have claim-jumped their first wonder down in Wahpekute, or pushed on to the capital, but taking the Sioux's #2 city is more than spoils enough for one war.

Meanwhile, the Great Lakes look to have given Sioux enough of a natural border to hinder Canada's advance. Maintaining a real show of force along their shared border to prevent a tired-looking Texian (yes, Texian) military from getting any ideas, Sitting Bull is suddenly looking in no way knocked out.

Blackfoot, meanwhile, already have a real nice core of compound archers to get on with War No. 2. While it would be foolish to count out more action against the Sioux, or a cold war precipitated by Inuit treachery, the smart money may be on a battle with Mexico. Crowfoot clearly has Pacific ambitions and Mexico's got the ports he needs.