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Last seen some 15 turns ago (slide 6.26), Rome has gotten its act together, ever so slightly. The Portuguese have failed to defend their impetuous colonial settlement of Funchal, while Caesar has also colonized Sicily, giving him theoretical control over the Central Mediterranean. Somehow Rome has gone from pop-14 to pop-11 during this time, which I imagine must have come as Portuguese vessels deprived them of their fishing grounds? Well, it's all right now. Rome has the impregnable Alps to the north and seems to have sent Maria packing. That just leaves Leonidas as a going concern, but Cumae is *extremely* well defended and Sparta obviously has bigger fish to fry, for now.

But, it must be said, there are not enough Roman people and not enough Roman armies to get much done. Naked ballista swarms are not good enough! Could Legions turn the tide?

Meanwhile, France doesn't seem to have an agenda beyond trying to lay down a nice carpet. Yes, a few piddles in Munich's direction, but the lack of a Mediterranean port is Napoleon's Achilles heel; without one he can never hope to engage Rome or Portugal further.