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Hey now! Attila the Hun has had enough of these impostor hordes, he's declared in Sibir, whose main force is still well to the east and consolidating a hold on the recently-captured Mongol city of Old Sarai. Now Sibir has got to be the roomiest looking empire in the game -- a big positive for the future, but it could mean a long transit time back to the front.

Except, well, Attila doesn't really seem to have... done much prep-work for this little war. And the Urals are a hell of a chokepoint for any Hunnic/Sibir fighting. No, it would seem the real instigator here is the little-seen Timurids.

In the wings: Before we take a closer look at Timur, take a note of action from another media-starved empire, the Finns; their settler last seen wandering on Turn 113 has planted a city way up north. And, if my skill at calling up a map of Finland and reading bottom-halves-of-letters is everything I think it is, i believe that city is LAHTI. You heard it here first.

Of note: this puts them behind Stalin's \"Line in the Snow\" and really what this Battle Royale needs is a Russo-Finnish War. Seriously, the real one is on any real afficianado's Top 5 Wars.