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A close look at the Timurids. Now, you'd have to say they are not doing terrible for their crappy desert start. (seriously, not even desert hills...) Nobody's going to write home about any of their cities, but they have a nice safe mountain border with Afghanistan and Persia, and water to protect (most of) their cities from Armenia. Which of course just leaves the Hun. Haha.

And Attila can take a bribe LIKE A BOSS, apparently, because that is surely what happened here. The Timurids saw the horse archer carpet piling up right up to the border, real whites-of-their-eyes stuff, and conceived of a plan.

It's basically the old gambit from Looney Tunes -- \"Rabbit Fire\" in particular... hapless Timur held up one of those signs on a stick that said \"SIBIR SEASON\" with a right-facing arrow. And Attila, in true Elmer Fudd fashion, took the bait and popped off at Kuchum Khan. Boy did Timur dodge a bullet there, wonder what it cost him. Still, clever diplo-play is the key to beating the AI... maybe Timur has legs in this Royale.

It would be pretty miraculous if they took a city off Sibir here but you never know.