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Snipe alert! Snipe alert! Last seen five turns ago ready to fall to Saladin, Olympia is suddenly in Carthaginian hands! Well, Sparta didn't really *need* that African colony, even if it is close to his capital. Love a good three-corner war! ONE CITY, THREE ARMIES. Saladin has more lucrative, more righteous causes to prosecute than gunning down Carthaginian Sniper... maybe Hannibal keeps Olympia? It feels right. Either that, or endless flipping.

Trebizond is almost fallen to Trireme Force, but seems likelier to flip back than not, as no reinforcements are on the way. Saladin's ground troops look well engaged with the Israeli menace; from the tiny sliver of green bar on the pop-18 Jerusalem, you know they are getting somewhere, but not close.

Oh, i got ahead of myself. When you play the Game of Battle Royale recaps, you feast on scraps or die. Except sometimes its just there in the next slide...