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Trebizond falls; dog-tired Spartan Hoplites look at one another and think \"We Who Are About to Die, Salute You.\" If i were a Spartan hoplite, i'd be saluting Leonidas with the big middle finger, in response to Leonidas's declaration of war on poor King David. Like, that is so not going to happen. What, you needed to piss off Armenia more?

Yeah, Leonidas took one look at Trebizond and Nicomedia falling and just went full Hitler, with a classic \"blame the jews\" moment. I smell a barracks mutiny.

And here's a decent look at Jerusalem, where King David has frankly not a very strong military, but probably enough to hold off Saladin's beseiging crew. Saladin will hope to keep Bethlehem in a peace deal after his attack on J-ru is spent.

If only great prophets could fight. Seriously, Israel must have one of those \"capital generates faith\" beliefs with Judaism, even the AI bonuses don't generate that many GPs this fast.

In the wings: Spare an eye for Persia, where Pasardgadae has totally eclipsed Persepolis, the capital. I'm pretty sure Darius could have Gaza now if he wants it. What else has he got to do? A helpful reminder: the Persia UU you see is yet another spearman variant (fast-healing, like, Wolverine fast) but not long for relevancy as armies tech up.