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Mercy, Trung Sisters style: it's a peace with China, and all it cost Chairman Mao is Shanghai, which we never saw under any real threat and indeed, it's a \"where's the beef\" situation, unless Trung's longswordsmen are getting an early jump on the whole \"invisibility\" deal the Viet Cong have, they never even moved north to capture. No, its just \"take a city\" day in the mighty PRC.

I guess Mongolia's feint toward the capital brought out the fainting couches in the Forbidden City. Genghis looks much more likely to land Guangzhou but, well, at least Shanghai is off the table, for now.

So, uh, Job Well Done, Trung Sisters. Freebie Shanghai is proof of the power of the bitch-slap school of warfare. (no offense, ladies; bitch-slap has an ungendered connotation here.)

Grand Theater style, this is an unbelievably big development, a -13 population flip and the absolute end of China as a contender in the game. Sitting on the south bank of a river with no cover for invaders from the north, Shanghai is an ideal northern frontier for Vietnam in any war with Mongolia or *cough cough* somebody else. Any bets on the first nation brave enough to DOW the Trungs? (my guess: Yakutia.)