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Ding dong! The Inuit steamroller bound for Sichangu turns into a pumpkin as Sitting Bull signs a truce with Ekeuhnik. Peace Pipe indeed; only one side is laying pipe here, and it's Sitting Bull.

Well, you can't let it be said that the Inuit lost a lot of men in the war. I think they just didn't know where to go; there are plenty of compounds and swordsmen sitting around. But they didn't exactly set the sky alight with their territorial gains of: Yanktonai, and thats it.

One interesting thing about the Inuit in this game: the naval carpet we've come to expect is nowhere to be seen. Too soon? We'll see what happens when they war with Canada or Iceland or Japan, i suppose.

The Fine Print: And take note of Olympus falling to the Ayyubids because...