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Slide 32: (Turn 120)

Ladies and Gentlemen, the lost land of South America. Admit it, most of you thought the earlier Bucs-centric frame was all you'd get.

Now, if this glimpse is indicative, we haven't been missing any real drama; no cities in danger anywhere. Inca has more than enough compound bows to defend Machu, it would seem.

I'll try to break it down a bit more: Pedro seems to like to cluster his units -- all the spearmen in one place, all the bows in another, etc. There's a joke about miscegenation to be had there, but it would be uncouth.

Argentina and Brazil have a nice, long border -- it's going to be epic if they ever fight. And Chile... poor Chile. They probably have a naval swarm all ready for ... well who knows. Ready to feast on the weakened Inca or Argentina, except that seems like its not going to happen, this continent has a very Oceania / Eurasia / Eastasia feel to it right now. Needed a fifth entrant.