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Oh, snap! Or is it snipe? Constantinople falls to Tiridates' naval raiders. Something tells me there are some fifth columnists in there. I wouldn't get too comfortable, Constantinoplans. (-oplites? -oplitans? -opligasques?) Sparta seems to have achieved critical hoplite mass once again.

Meanwhile in the eastern Med, Saladin's fleet seems ascendant, likely ensuring that Nicomedia will, at least, remain Ayyubid.

Also in this slide, Kimberley gets its third wonder, the Great Mosque of Djenne. Which -- again -- *there is no religion here*. sigh. Australia must be loving this expenditure.

An interlude, in which Jandamarra tries to deflect blame.

Brothers, in my dream, I traveled across the fathomless oceans and discovered a thing called religion. I saw how this trivial little man, \"Benito\" was his name, did well by his people, by building a great Stone Circle, which became the focus of a mighty chorus of voices, united in belief.

And so I had you build this structure, you know the one. We call it Hagia Sofia. Beautiful though it is, it did not lead us to \"religion.\" So I had you build this other structure, we call it \"The Great Mosque.\" But it too has not led us to \"religion.\"

Now, I say that ours is the superior way and we shall war on any men of belief who set foot on these shores!