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Four turns in, a look at the Atilla & Timur (best bros, they were in the same frat, even) vs. Kuchum Khan. The spearmen and heavy tree cover both point to this being a stalemate, at best, for the attackers. Atilla does not seem to be channeling his entire horse archer carpet into the attack, either. Hmm.

Timur, for his part, has not set foot in Sibir territory, it seems. How very ... lame. Come about, oh say 1300 A.D., someone will be driving a car with the vanity plate UR TIMID in an attempt to provoke him to action.

Nah, actually, Timur's doing great, if you subscribe to my theory of how this Wabbit Season War started, at least.

In the wings: A Finnish settler, a looong way from home. At least he's got an escort. Also: Finland itself!