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And here's A.N.Other shocker. Mao's not the only person who can give away cities for nothing; Saladin's actually running the show in Adrianople!

How Byzantium contrived to give it away, we can only guess, but it might actually serve to stoke future enmity between Saladin and Leonidas, not that they needed help in that department.

So: Alexikos is down to two cities, but, hey, zero enemies! (for now.)

In the wings: Meanwhile, one gets the feeling that Tiridates is going to survive the hun attack and lose Vardia back to the Spartans.

And in Poland vs. Germany, they don't even seem to be able to kill each other fast enough to deplete the carpets.

And how is Saladin going to hold on to Adrianople? At pop-nine, it is quite the prize for Sparta, if Leonidas can multitask.