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And how is Saladin going to hold on to Olympia?

Seriously, can all the Battle Royale Mark I veterans give a round of applause to Carthage, who are so persistant, so determined in the face of bad odds, as to make every other civ, -- and i do mean every other civ -- look like they are playing a different game?

Carthage repeatedly does the impossible, with not much more than two sticks to rub together. Note: they took Ejura off the Ashanti, and are now fighting south of it.

Also visible: Rome has puppeted Funchal; Maria has portuguese warriors landing on city-less Sardinia in an attempt to dislodge the ballista Augustus has shrewdly placed there. And Saladin's going to have to work a lot harder to get Hippo Regius on the right side of the ledger.