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Down in sub-Saharan Africa for a look-in, and you can see for yourself the latest provocations that the Boer are totally willing to overlook, rather than display the bone-crushing early-game form they showed off in BRmk1: a Zulu settler yoinks the last lick of Madagascar *and* an island even further afield (Comoros? Mauritius? Reunion?)

Then, there's the Ethiopian city, five and growing, of Bahr Dar. Lightly defended and isolated, it is surely here on Petr Kruger's good graces alone... though the retribution further north would be a sight to behold.

Boer's army has a sufficient number of swordsmen to start getting things done, if only the AI would take the plunge.

And a very minor note in the corner, the Kongolese city of Kabasa, pop-14 and handsomely-defended, is an example of this underrated civ's ability to go tall and tech up.