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Folks, we may be running out of time to get our \"Downfall\" parodies in; the phone rings in Hitler's bunker with the news that Hamburg, previously the Reich's safest city, is under attack from vengeful Norwegians.

Hitler is in dire shape: there aren't nearly enough troops left to guard Berlin from Poland, particularly with a vast force in the Baltic attemtping to land through Prussia.

The Baltic is probably the most hilariously congested spot in a game full of them, by the way.

It feels like Haakon is going to have to commit more troops than this to get Hamburg, but it certainly is within his power to do so. this is feeling like a carve-up, France gets Munich, the norwegians get Hamburg, Poland gets Berlin, and Sweden gets Null Points for sitting on her hands.

Some lines from my \"Downfall\" parody of Hitler's performance in this Battle Royale:

\"I want everyone who has never declared war just for the hell of it, to leave the room now.\"

\"Norway was supposed to join the Master Race!\"

\"You were meant to settle Hamburg on the canal spot!\"

\"But, gentlemen, if you believe I'm going to leave Berlin, you're seriously mistaken... I'd rather blow my brains out.\"*

(*unchanged from the original.)