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And there goes Mexico, peacing out with the Sioux without ever getting so much as a boot dirty. His formidable-in-theory army is now arrayed against, well, it must be said, Blackfoot. And that Mexican settler behind the lines -- he's been camped there for years, and it *is* a viable spot -- maybe he's ready to provide Crowfoot with a Casus Belli.

What else can we glean from this, big picture wise?

Mexico's navy is a joke.

Blackfoot, on the other hand, is taking the naval game very seriously indeed. Not much use against Sitting Bull, mind you.

The Sioux look more than ready to defend their still-substantial holdings.

The Texian military winds up *looking* under-strength compared to its reputation. It's not really all that scrawny, but the cities are so wide that it just winds up looking open. Texas still has problems, but size and space is not one of them.

Crowfoot has some military buildup to attend to.