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And after a very roundabout courtship with the Ayyubid, Adrianoplitans find themselves in the loving, paternalistic embrace of Leonidas. First thing we do, lets tear down the walls! say the Spartans. You know, given Leonidas' propensity for not shoring up his gains, is it really so far-fetched to imagine Byzantium takes this back shortly? Well, yeah probably, he won't declare war. But still.

The most interesting development here is that the city gives Leonidas a longer border with Casimir, one which an actual army could muster up and invade in either direction. I smell another war in their future.

Also of note: the Nazi cities are -- all three of them -- are still doing their Nazi thing. Nary a scratch. Just a few more turns to survive then Hitler can have a \"zweitausendjahriges reich\" party in his bunker. There will be hats, and fists will pound tables in joy rather than anger.