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p>We end our journey through Match Day seven with a look in on the Sioux v. Canada conflict just in time for it to end... leaving North America entirely at peace.

Canadian triremes had been interested in taking Hohe, a minty fresh Sioux city in the extreme north, when a great admiral named -- oh god, never mind, what's the point, like Canada has ever had one -- arrives on the scene and ravens home word that there is nothing of value. Happy to secure the closest Sioux city to his pre-war borders, Lester P. decides to call it a day -- perhaps with an eye toward the Skraeling menace from Iceland.

Yankton hits pop-19, there are probably a handful of cities at 19 by turn 130 -- Tokyo and Kabul come to mind. And one that has probably cracked 20: Ottawa, which was at 19 nine turns back. I didn't see any other 19s in a cruise through. On to the stats!