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Comments mostly in the prior page but just to reward you for getting to the end (and prove my dedication to the cause) i did wrest another piece of information here: the final Aleutian spot has been settled, i'll leave it to an Inuit expert to determine if its one of their 17 godforsaken cities or not. It would be Blackfoot's 11th, but some civs with 11 have been cut off the foot of the \"cities' leaders\" chart.

Special awards to fans of Chile, the single most ghosted civ in the slides, as well as Sri Lanka the long-suffering Maori. Honorable mention goes to Champa, Maya, the Swedes and Finns, and, weirdly, Afghanistan. That won't last.

Thanks for reading, thanks for creating so much original content! Feedback welcome and check out r/soylentbuffalo some time.