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This is /u/sigmapolis bring you Part “Great Eight” of the Battle Royale! I have probably been the largest Lurker on /r/civ and /r/civbattleroyale for at least a few months now (and I have enough groove, subterranean spines down my back to prove it), and TPang was nice enough to let me walk you through the transition of our fictional world from Antiquity, through the Dark Ages, and into Medieval Times.

I have been playing Civilization games since II, skipped III, played some IV, and really got back into it with V, so I hope I will be able to do a good job here. I was a history major at school, so I completely nerd-out over this kind of stuff. Here we go to it!

We might have some special appearances by the Magic Eight Ball of History in here—a magical, mystical device that gives good advice for disposal and bad advice for implementation. It is the Cassandra of pool-top billiard games and stops in for Part Great Eight.

Love, ~Sigmapolis

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