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The Khanate of Sibir had managed to carve itself a nice empire in Central Asia (not unlike the one it had in reality and, hey, Chimgi-Tura is in a realistic location), but they seem unable to deal with two threats at the same time. They are holding their southern flank well against the Red-and-Grey menace, though Surgut is slipping into the yellow against the Huns’ horse-warriors. I have to say, though, seeing cities like “Mosul” and “Beaumont” somewhere around the Ural Mountains is funny. Texas is probably the hottest, most humid thing ever. I cannot quite say the same thing about western Siberia.

Meanwhile, peace is breaking out all over the place in the Mediterranean theater. Armenia and Sparta call it “enough,” likely keeping the gateway to the Black Sea in Spartan hands, and the Asia Minor “city hot potato” ends as Saladin and Leonidas agree that true alpha men do not fight each other—they find somebody weak and vulnerable to pick on, probably somewhere else in Europe or the Middle East for them.

Remember those Chinese outpost cities in Siberia. Yeah. Looks like Genghis Khan is just going to help himself to those.