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This war thing is getting out of hand. Seriously. I filled up two pages of notebook paper drawing Old World and New World maps with red and green ink to show civilizations warring with each other versus those declaring peace. Looks like the scramble for Africa is now on!

I kind of have to wonder what Kongo is doing here, though. They managed to keep Ethiopia, the regional superpower, on their side for their war of conquest to the northwest (and nice capture of Atebubu), but most of their army is to the north, engaged keeping their conquest. The Ashanti present an inviting target (caught in the middle of wars with Carthage, Mali, Ethiopia, AND the Kongo), and their army of archers and weak UUs make them rather squishing. The Boers are spread through their large empire, but, hey, at least they have composite bows. I always tell my playing partners on CiV that an army of 4-5 well-managed composite bows can keep you safe through at least the early industrial era… right guys? Right? *everybody declares war on me*

It is funny trying to track the general Eurasian war going on here. You can build a daisy chain of declarations from the Boers, to the Kongo, Ashanti, Mali, the Ayyubids, (formerly) Sparta, Germany, Finland (did that war ever end?), the Huns, Sibir, (formerly) Mongolia, China, Vietnam, Tibet (recently), and then over to the Mughals. Otto von Bismarck would have a hard time figuring this diplomatic situation out.