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Hey, Paul Kruger, what did Leonidas’ sculpted, oiled, perfected abs ever do to you?

Two wars going on here: Vietnam and Tibet then China and Mongolia. The Vietnamese had an absolute coup last time in taking Shanghai without having to halve its population in the process. China started this series high in the rankings, buttressed only by its hammer score, which had to plummet without Shanghai. That going 100% into the Viet column was going to be huge for them going forward. However, the Trung Sisters’ AI is not handling this one well. Perhaps the evil, awful O-word (“overextended”) has become the case? They have a large empire to defend; most of their units spread throughout it, and faced only an utterly incompetent foe in Mao last time around. That hype train is going to derail into Farmer Jone’s pigsty fast if they cannot keep Shanghai.

Korea is in an interesting strategic position to me. I figure a human player might be able to make something out of it. They have decent cities (Seoul is up to 19 pop), good sea access to run cargo ships, a lot of mountains to make invasions difficult, and their long-term bonuses to science and awesome. They could turtle, go tall science, and unleash the wrath of the bombers on East Asia at some point in the future. The fact nobody seems to be noticing them in this AI match is working out nicely to their advantage, as well, towards some sort of long-range plan like that.