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Aha, now the Magic Eight Ball of History is rolling. Nzinga shakes it, “Shall I capture and keep Atebubu?” “Don’t count it it.” Osei Tutu II does the same thing, “Probably not your day.” That poor little city is going to be a flaming garbage dumpster before this is all over. Somewhere in that black ball of concentrate evil, its malevolent spirit begins to smile, all going to plan, yes, all going to plan…

Oh yes, America. Well, North America. Canada’s army is insane right now—all those composite bowmen have to go somewhere, right? I would be pissed at Lincoln for stealing the Maritimes with something called a “St. Louis.” Nothing about the Bay of Fundy is going to inspire Nelly into Country Grammar or Nellyville unless he really had something to say about tides that rise and fall more than 50’ per day in some areas.

North America is completely peaceful at this moment. The only active wars are, best I can tell, the “stare at each other and do nothing” Brazil-Argentina v. the Inca war in the New World, for that matter. On the other hand, this looks like a powder keg. Canada *should* crush America. They have a straight shot into Washington and their sizeable cities with very little competition. However, I think Medicine Hat and Sherbrooke are going to have a little “icing problem” pretty soon, from the look of it. Canada has good ranged units and a decent navy, but Iceland looks to start heating things up.