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“Why do the Mongols have a region of their empire on the island of New Guinea?” Oh, yeah, that’s right. Oops. My bad people. For some reason, I always imagined the Kimberly would be pink. Not a lot of pink civs. It worked for the Pink Ranger.

The Philippines have never received much discussion here, so I thought to give them a little shout…

José Rizal shakes the Magic Eight Ball of History…

“Hola pelota, how are you doing this morning?”

“Definitely *not* craving some Indonesia nutmeg. Hate that stuff. What’s your question?”

“I was thinking about, you know, building up a decent navy and land army and exploiting the fact that, while I am relatively weak, I’m surrounded by absolute basket cases like Indonesia and the Cham, and maybe unifying those 2-3 empires would create something respectable. Good idea?”

“I don’t think so.”

This game is a little more fun when you imagine the AI’s diplomatic advisors as random and malevolent.