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So far, our game has had four major points of military contention with multiple combatants, huge armies, and cities changing hands:

1.\tAsia Minor/Anatolia

2.\tWhat we would call southern China, and the denizens of our world now call northern Vietnam

3.\tEast Africa

4.\tThe Great Plains of North America

Yes, the Sioux lost Mdewakantonwan, but they have stabilized their military situation and rebuilt. They have already deployed a considerable number of pikes to the front, too, to outdo the Blackfoot (Blackfeet?) swords and Texan spears. These are many powerful civilizations through here, too, though. I mean, come on, look at Canada. None of the bowmen can even walk around without saying “sohhry” from bumping into each other constantly. The Sioux have the worst position, though, already down a city, stuck in the middle with you, and now piling up multiple wonders in Hunkpapa to make the prize even sweeter.