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We have a Gavar down! We have a Gavar down!

Leningrad (and the USSR as a whole) is back from the grave with an astute snipe of Gavar. This gives them access to the sea, maybe to build up a Black Sea fleet someday to force the Hellespont and break out into the wider world. Attila’s distraction to the east is helping them here, with a huge push on City A and City B of the Sibir Khanate. Hard to see from this angle, but there is not much for an immediate Gray-and-White on the front lines versus the rows of horse archer and battering ram cannon fodder that Attila intends to send into the fray. The rows of Timurid swords (seriously, there is the real legionnaires for you) backed up by some rather angry-looking composite bowmen does not spell good tidings for the people of Qashliq.

Being “stuck” between relatively weak contenders like Byzantium and with the strong ones around them (the Huns, the Polish) distracted by wars to the far east and into Central Europe is helping the Soviet cause, as well. You never count Stalin’s mustache out.