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Surgut! We have a Surgut down!

Attila takes his second city of the game and, of course, proceeds to torch it. He has a settler nearby to replace it, however. Shame, too, a nice city on the edge of a river, where the transition into a medieval economy was just boosting food production and population for the surrounding area. Chimgi-Tura and Qashliq actually defended well, though the Sibir have way too many warriors in their army for me to really be comfortable for them. We do remember that sword and composite bowmen death carpet coming right for them, right? They have a rather juicy empire back there, too, with those first two cities and Tobolsk, lots of forests for chopping and production, and a lot of food potential with the irrigated rivers all through eastern Siberia.

Elsewhere in Eurasia, Portugal and Rome finally call it quits.