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Stalin sits in front of the politburo, a black sphere located in the center of the table. Only Stalin stands, but all eyes are on the black mass, its shimmering exterior foreboding the infinite mysteries and wisdom deep inside of it. Stalin then holds it, and speaks.

“Comrades! We have restored the Workers’ Union to glory! We have manufactured an army from nothing, an army mostly of, indeed, workers!” He looks to the globe, shaking it gently in request of its divination. “We have conquered and secured Gavar from the Armenians! What should we do next?” Stalin shakes the ball, looking towards its answer, in considering the lands aside his fingertips and not yet below his stride.

I would think Yervantashat is going to be too constrained to easily take for the USSR, and prizes like Tigranocerta require a Red Navy that does not yet exist. However, if Stalin wanted to backstab Attila and drive on Morelia and Attila’s Court, here would be the chance to do it.