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Oh, wow. Nine declarations of war in one turn? Ladies and gentlemen, the Great War of 2100BC has begun.

Most of these are not going to matter too much, though. Looks like everybody hates Saladin. I do not know how Portugal brings a fleet up and around the British Isles before coming down to the (mostly landlocked) German Empire. Looks like Hitler’s days are number, and now the various European and Scandinavian powers are going to take turns trying to carve up his few remaining cities from the premises.

Nice job with the moral support there, the Maori, too.

The more interesting one is gang-up on the Philippines by the Vietnamese and Australia. I keep thinking Vietnam needs to consolidate its empire and continue to pick off lucrative cities from weaker neighbors, you know, like they played the first seven parts, but now they are going full troll and just declaring war on everybody. Australia has yet to fight a war I believe, so they have considerably more latitude to maneuver.

I did not realize how small of capitals and cities the Arabs and Ethiopia had. That archer-heavy army has to be slipping a little behind, too.