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Sparta founds Dodekatheism in Jerusalem. At least someone is staying true to form. For those not in the know, the translation is of the Hellenic faith for the 12 Pantheon of (Greek) Gods. Now whether the denizens of Dvin are now worshipping horny Zeus and his demented children, or perhaps the Party Pope, god of the dead and entertainment, and his festive mates is yet to be seen. Dionysus in particular seems to be present no matter what the sub thinks. It remains to be seen if this religion will be as widely successful as the one it replaces, since Armenia up north will be spreading Catholicism. Also of note in this screenshot, Sparta has built no new military units. They won’t be capturing anything if this keeps up. Some people just can’t catch a break always sandwiched between things. Mallock curses his Ayyubid blood and fortune.